Apple Watch Ads Reflect Company’s Minimalist Branding

When you have friends who are computer programers and engineers, the Apple vs. PC debate comes up frequently. Sometimes I find myself throwing my hands up in the air and just exclaiming, “I can’t help that I’m a sucker for Apple’s packaging and branding!”

While this may not the best reasoning to purchase a product, it is a big selling point behind Apple products. Apple’s overall clean and minimalist design aesthetic is something that is associated with them immediately. The consistency of their image stretches from not just their website and packaging, but also in their product design. The Apple Watch, Apple’s newest product expected to be released in April, is no exception. The watch comes in three designs: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition, and is iOS8 compatible.

In their March issue, fashion-magazine Vogue features a 12 page advertisement spread dedicated to the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Advertisement

Example images of Apple’s 12 page spread in Vogue’s March issue.

This type of advertising is both classic Apple and classic jewelry styling. It maintains Apple’s key minimalist image, making it obvious that this is an Apple product, even without its logo on every page. It’s not only clean though, but also evokes the idea of elegance. This is often crucial in marketing jewelry, to make it desirable and make it that people want to wear it, as well showcasing more detail than you normally would see of it. Apple uses extreme closeups on the pieces, giving just hints of the appearance, as well as simple straight-on pictures of some of the watch designs. It’s enough to give a taste of the watch without going overboard.

As an avid Apple customer, I loved seeing the new images released. I think it elevates Apple as a brand, taking them from just purely a technology based company and translating that into a fashion-style spread. Though I don’t foresee myself purchasing the Apple Watch, I applaud Apple’s choices in advertising with the watch and I’ll be excited to see where it goes and how it does with its release in April!

To learn more about the watch, click here to see Apple’s website and pages about it.


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