Resources & Inspiration: A Collection of Useful Blog Articles

The internet can be an intimidating and overwhelming place when you’re just starting out in graphic design. Pinterest is crammed with links and images, and Google has page after page of websites that talk about graphic design. While there’s a lot of great sources out there, there are also a lot of not-so-great sources.

Going through my RSS feed, I tracked down some of my favorite blog articles that have come out recently and compiled them here. From lists to inspirational designers, I tried to find a variety of sources to help kickstart some inspiration, or just get you started.


The Basics of Drawing Type & Creating Your Own Handwritten Font // Tuts+ Design

A constant source of inspiration for me, Tuts+ is a website that focuses on tutorials for all different types of digital platforms and different creative skills. They just recently released an instructional article about how to take your own handwriting and turn it into an actual font. With easy-to-read instructions listed out and screenshots of each step, the article does an excellent job of breaking down what it would take to make your own font. I know I’ll be trying this out soon!


27 Clever Illustrations of Inspirational Quotes on Minimalist Posters // YouTheDesigner

This inspirational article focuses on the work of graphic designer Ryan McArthur and features his minimalist posters. Each poster contains a famous quote (from people such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oscar Wilde, and Albert Einstein) and a simplistic design. With minimalism being a big design trend currently, it’s no wonder that these posters have been received so well. They’re also available to purchase on Etsy, and it’s difficult to resist purchasing one to hang in my room.


9 Graphic Design Trends for 2015 // Digital Information World

Serving both as infographic inspiration and a list of design trends for the new year, this article focuses on the nine trends to focus on for 2015. The infographic takes on the trends and keeps it simple with fun graphics to showcase each point. This article is a perfect reference to keep on hand, just in case you need to spice up your design or to just make sure you’re keeping up with the times.


Great Names in Graphic Design: Massimo Vignelli // Designrfix

Featuring the famous designer and leader in the Modernist tradition of design, this profile article focuses on Massimo Vignelli. The article talks about his background as well as his personal and career based accomplishments. It also includes photos of some of his revolutionary designs, such as the New York subway map design and the American Airlines logo. It’s always a good idea that when in looking ahead, it’s also good to look back and find inspiration in past work from great designers.